Female Tomboy
38 y/o
Happily married for 12 years or something
Happily childfree
I own my own business
Very Liberal and very vocal about it (I love an intelligent debate, hard to find with Conservatives, try me if you dare)
3 dogs 2 cats 1 fish 1 tarantula
I read a lot of news
Religiously obnoxious
I love people as individuals and I do try to be as nice as possible, and I think George Carlin had it right when he said “Don’t be a Dick”. I fail at this but I do try.
I’m trying to lose weight. If you can help in any way, I’d welcome it. This is hard.
I live in a rural area which is awesome for wildlife and nature. I love it here.
Living in a rural area means I drive a lot, and I’d say that approx. 40% of all drivers are freaking nuts and I rant about them here.

I am a happy chick who has pulled a lot of strings to get a life that’s close to the one I always wanted for myself (except for the butler and the yacht, I still want those). I like to laugh and I like to make other people laugh.


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